Alexandria Fisk has been driving change within organizations for the last 15 years, working closely with Senior Leaders and Executive teams to explore, shape and drive the execution of complex business strategies.  

Alex received her undergraduate in Management Studies from the University of Nottingham, is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) and has a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing from NYU.

Alex started her career at a Swiss Investment Bank within the FP&A division.  Alex progressed into the sales & trading division to work with the COO office focusing on strategic business planning, growth opportunities, sales strategy and enablement, product development, technology investment and customer segmentation.  The last role Alex held was the COO of the Macro Research Division, working for the Chief Economist/Strategist, managing the +130 Economists and Strategists and their product offering. 

Alex went on to join Return Path a VC funded tech start up where she was the Senior Director of Sales Strategy & Operations.  After successfully scaling the operations and advancing the sales team, Alex was promoted to become the General manager of a Business Unit, working on key programs to change the approach to product management, improve customer engagement, re-design the service model and reposition the offering for better future market.  

Alex is passionate about entrepreneurship and business growth and has co-founded a hard cider beverage company as well as working with a number of companies on Commercial Strategy, Leadership Development and Coaching high-potential individuals.  Alex is also a huge advocate for women in the workplace and works with a number of women to support their career development.