My work philosophy is to collaborate with clients to get the best result for the company and bring the best out of individuals involved. I believe in the principles of discovery, design and delivery as the key components required to get the best outcome for a project, program or business.   

I am most interested in work that has enthusiastic decision makers, interesting and complex problems and where elements of transformation required.  Projects we are suited to include the following:

Leadership & People Focus:

  • Executive Team Dynamic Assessment and Recommendation
  • Leadership Development Program
  • Employee Lifecycle or part of the lifecycle

Strategy & Commercial Focus

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Investment Process Review and Recommendation
  • Market Opportunity Analysis & Recommendation
  • Partner Program Review & Recommendation

Sales & Service Focus

  • Sales Strategy assessment or design
  • Sales Operations functional assessment or design
  • Customer Service Strategy or Execution assessment or design

Product & Customer Focus

  • Business Process Discovery, Design & Delivery
  • Product Management Review & Recommendation
  • Customer Lifecycle Assessment or Design
  • Go to Market Execution

I am lucky enough to work with amazing clients, the following pages give some highlights of some of the recent work that has been completed.