I am very lucky to be part of the co-working space Orbital and I have had the privileged of working on a new program with Gary Chou.  Gary has been experimenting with a "peer-to-peer" network program for Engineers, Designers & Product Managers, we are expanding the program to Sales Operations Specialists.  We believe Sales Operations can learn a significant amount from understanding the tools and practices of their peers and these new perspectives can have a significant impact on the top line.

Program Details:

The Orbital Sales Ops Network is a 3-month program focused on people in B2B Sales Operations roles that will kickstart a curated network of peers to share stories, challenges and lessons learned.

Over the 3 months, you’ll learn how other companies:

  • Evolve the structure and complexity of the Sales organization, processes and systems

  • Enable their teams through sales methodologies, onboarding programs, training and collateral

  • Deploy simple vs. sophisticated systems for aligning incentives (commissions, quotas, etc..)  and opportunities (territory, segmentation)

  • Select, manage and deploy 3rd-party products and services

  • Have best utilized Sales Ops as a critical function

For more information, please email us:  afisky@gmail.com and garychou@gmail.com