My work philosophy is to collaborate with clients to get the best result for the company and bring the best out of individuals involved. I believe in the principles of discovery, design and delivery as the key components required to get the best outcome for a project, program or business.   

I am most interested in work that has enthusiastic decision makers, interesting and complex problems and where elements of transformation required.  Projects we are suited to include the following:

Leadership & People Focus:

  • Executive Team Dynamic Assessment and Recommendation

  • Leadership Development Program

  • Employee Lifecycle or part of the lifecycle

Strategy & Commercial Focus

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Investment Process Review and Recommendation

  • Market Opportunity Analysis & Recommendation

  • Partner Program Review & Recommendation

Sales & Service Focus

  • Sales Strategy assessment or design

  • Sales Operations functional assessment or design

  • Customer Service Strategy or Execution assessment or design

Product & Customer Focus

  • Business Process Discovery, Design & Delivery

  • Product Management Review & Recommendation

  • Customer Lifecycle Assessment or Design

  • Go to Market Execution

I am lucky enough to work with amazing clients, the following pages clarify some of the companies I have worked with and provide some highlights of recent work.


Return Path is the world’s leading email data solutions provider, helping email marketers get to the inbox.

Whilst working at Return Path, Alex lead the Email Optimization business through a business transformation that was focused on the customer.  Alex was a key member of the executive team driving change spanning across operations, product development, sales and service.  Through the board meetings Alex had the pleasure of working with renowned investors that included Brad Feld, Fred Wilson, Greg Sands, Jeff Epstein and Scott Petry.

Program's of work included a client retention program that increased client retention by +5% over 12 months, development of new sales stages and an operational approach to selling, the development of a customer lifecycle and the design of a new service offering.  Alex also worked closely with the product development group to revamp product innovation and foster a product repositioning strategy that launched recently.

Since moving on to a consulting role, Alex has been supporting a number of initiatives.  Recent work includes the development of a new hire on-boarding program and a leadership development training program to support the complex cultural nuances of a people first organization.

Alex continues to work closely with senior leadership on annual planning and opportunity identification.

Alex Fisk brings a highly valuable and hard-to-find combination of skills to her engagements. She has a detailed process mind and a strong cultural sensitivity. She is a trustworthy partner and diligent communicator and integrates well with internal team members key to her projects.
— Mark Frien, SVP People

Advent Software is a financial technology company that makes software for investment management firms.

The program of work we have completed includes a detailed commercial analysis of their partner relationships and the strategic design for a high growth channel program.  Our work continues as we execute on the recommendations.

Tough Mudder has produced over 150 events worldwide, attended by +2million people and raised $10mm for charity.  

Our work together focused on operational efficiency and derived customer value.  The process included significant analysis of existing obstacle planning and costs, operational planning and costs, customer feedback and team processes.  Recommendations were made to optimize current event schedules, obstacle design, build and use, customer segmentation and internal ownership and performance.

Museum Tours... For People Who Don't Like Museums

Museum Hack bring the fun back to museums, the team work hard to think of interesting and innovative ways to experience the top museums in the world, providing tours and team building to their lucky customers.

Our work with Museum Hack focuses on Leadership Development and Strategic Planning.

Stowaway is makeup you love in sizes you can carry and finish

The Stowaway Team are re-thinking what women need in their makeup bags and beyond.. they are making "right-size" cosmetics in shades to die for and ultimately want to make women's lives easier.

The work with Stowaway is focused on Leadership development

Article& is Unique, wearable, affordable clothing


As an advisor, the client was at a pivotal point and the program of work included a rebrand, an eCommerce site launch and a new data driven approach to merchandizing.  The work involved detailed analysis of the business, customer and competitive environment that shaped the new business.